Mr. Richard Gill
Assistant Principal

Welcome Back

As we begin the 2017-2018 school year, I look forward to working with you all to make OMS and your experiences here the best they can be. As the year moves forward, if there is anything I can do to help make your experiences better or clearer, please call me at 508-987-6074 or email me at

Students, remember our three daily expectations we have for you and all of us:

1.Respect: of yourself and others.

2.Follow rules: please follow classroom and school rules daily

3. EFFORT: this is mandatory. You have to try in every class, every period, every day

Cold Weather Reminders

As we approach the winter months, please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for school.  It can be very cold at the bus stops or waiting outside or walking to and from school.  Students should have jackets, gloves/mittens, and hats and the wearing of shorts during the winter months is discouraged.  Thank you!


Oxford Public Schools has again contracted with Durham School Services for bus service this year. If you have any issues with the bus company, please contact them directly. The number for Durham School Services is 508-757-1463. Depending on the nature of the issue, you may be asked to contact Mr. Rich Dube at 508-864-1193 or the Middle School Assistant Principal at 508-987-6074.

Our bus routes are designed to accommodate several needs, with safety being first. Several main thoroughfares such as Main Street and Central Turnpike/Charlton Street have bus stops on either side of the road to avoid having our students cross the busier streets. On these streets, please ensure your students use the stop on the correct (safe) side of the street. On other streets, student stops are generally located along the routes to accommodate student pickups in the most efficient manner possible. Because of this, students may have to walk a distance along a bus route to get to an assigned stop. Buses are not generally assigned to pickup students at their driveways, as we simply cannot accommodate "door-to-door" service and still meet our obligations regarding bus schedules.  Also, this year, many students will be required to walk to school in accordance with state law.  The new transportation policy is posted on the main website.   Any questions about the change in the transportation policy should be directed to Mr. Rich Dube at the number listed above.

Because bus drivers bear a huge responsibility for safety while transporting our students, they simply cannot be distracted by poor behavior by the students. Students who repeatedly act out on the bus and fail to follow bus rules (see our Student Handbook) may receive a "bus referral" for misbehaving. This normally means the student(s) have not followed the rules, even after being reminded by the driver of the behavior expectations. Repeated bus referrals will cause a student to lose the privilege of riding the bus for a period of time, and can lead to loss of riding privileges for the entire year. Please help ensure the safety of all of our student riders by reinforcing our behavior expectations at home.