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posted Sep 10, 2020, 10:37 AM by Amy Belhumeur

OMS Information and Protocols for HYBRID STUDENTS

September 10, 2020

Phased in start:  Students who have opted into the Hybrid Model will begin school next week.  Cohort A students will report for a regular school day on Wednesday, September 16th and Cohort B students will report for a regular school day on Thursday, September 17th.  

September 18th is a non school day for all OXPS students (remote or hybrid).  On Monday, September 21st, all HYBRID students will go full remote following their schedule provided during orientation for two weeks.  On October 5th, assuming safety data stays the same, we will enter a hybrid in person model starting with cohort A.  The Hybrid Model is as follows:  Cohort A attends in person Monday-Thursday, Cohort B attends remotely, everyone is remote on Fridays.  The following week they switch.  Students who are in their remote week are expected to log into their classes every period like they were in school and attendance will be taken.

OMS School Hours:  OMS day runs from 7:45-2:12pm.  First period will begin this year at 7:50.  Dismissal begins at 2:12pm.  Students will not have a homeroom during the hybrid model, they will report directly to period 1 at 7:45 where attendance is taken and be dismissed from their last period class daily.

Hybrid Student Orientation

  • Bus transportation will be provided on these days.  More information will come from Central Office on buses and bus routes.

    • Breakfast will not be provided on these two orientation days, but will begin on October 5th when we go full hybrid daily to students who participate in the breakfast program.

    • Drop Off and Pick up:  Information on parent drop off and pick up procedures is attached to this email and in the electronic backpack.  Please adhere to the procedure to make dismissal safe and efficient on days school is in session 

    • Students taking the bus should enter school through the FRONT doors in the morning.  Students who are Parent drop off/walkers should enter via the grade 6 hallway door (under the Oxford Middle School sign).  

    • Staff will facilitate students sanitizing hands, social distancing, mask wearing and getting them to the appropriate staging areas as they enter the building. 

    • Grade 5 teachers will give students a tour as part of their orientation. 

    • A suggested supply list is posted on our website, however, students will not be using lockers, so having a sturdy backpack to carry their materials is required.   We also suggest students bring a refillable water bottle with them to school.

  • Chromebooks

    • All students who do not have a chromebook will be assigned one during their orientation day by their teacher(s).  Students who already have a chromebook should bring them to school with them on orientation day (fully charged).   

  • What will go on during Orientation?

    • Students will meet their teachers.

    • Staff will go over protocols and procedures with students. 

    • Staff will assign materials/chromebooks to students. 

    • Students will go over and get acclimated to their hybrid schedule (which is slightly different than what is in Powerschool).

    • Staff will set students up with google classroom, online texts and go over how remote learning will look with students for the next two weeks.  

  • Safety Protocols

    • We have arranged the schedule so that there are limited transitions during the day.  

    • Students will have lunch in their classrooms.

    • Students are spaced 6ft apart in their classrooms.

    • Students will stay in their classrooms for specials, with the exception of gym, and the teachers will come to them to help limit transitions in the building.

    • Sitting and staging areas are clearly marked, 6 ft apart, in hallways and stairwells to help promote social distancing. 

    • We have health and safety monitors to help with transitions, lunch, and using the bathrooms safely.  

    • Each classroom has a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser.

  • Classroom Expectations to discuss with your child ahead of time:

    • Class will look very different than it has in the past.  

    • Class sizes will be between 7-11 students. 

    • When Remote, they will be expected to attend school online following their schedule.  Attendance counts and they will be graded normally.

    • They will be assigned an area with their cohort in the morning to sit when arriving to school. 

    • They must wear their masks at all times except for scheduled mask breaks and lunch.  See the Superintendent's letter on face coverings attached.

    • They must remain in their seats and 6 feet away from their peers at all times. 

    • They must maintain their distance from their peers walking in the halls.  

    • They cannot share materials or belongings with other students. 

    • They will not be having lockers. 

    • If they have gym in the first rotation, they should come dressed for gym daily, as they will not be using the locker rooms.

    • They will be expected to sanitize/wash their hands multiple times throughout the day as directed by their teachers.

    • They are responsible for bringing their chromebook and materials to and from school daily. 

  • Building Access

    • No one other than staff and students will be allowed in the building without an appointment.

    • If you need to pick up your child please ring our doorbell, and the secretary will assist you and send your child out to you. 

    • Tardy students should ring the bell and they will be let in and they should report to the main office.  We are temporarily suspending our tardy policy of parents signing their students in.  

    • If you need to drop off materials, lunch, etc. to your child, you will be asked to leave it in the drop off bin provided after telling us who it is for.  

    • This is all for the safety and security of our building, staff and students at this time.