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Phase 2 Remote Learning April 8th-May 4th

posted Apr 7, 2020, 12:15 PM by Amy Belhumeur   [ updated Apr 7, 2020, 12:20 PM ]

In Phase 2 we are moving towards a learning model that incorporates and utilizes a variety of online platforms as well as more traditional approaches.  At OMS, all academic classes will be held in the morning (between 8am-12pm) and all Specials and extracurriculars in the afternoon (between 12pm and 3pm).   Academics will be split up during the week as to not overwhelm students (Math/Science on Monday and Wednesday, ELA/Social Studies on Tuesday and Thursday, etc).   All students will be getting a more specific schedule from their grade level teachers sometime Tuesday afternoon/evening with links, times, and information/expectations for their classes, which are all taking place in Google Classroom.  Furthermore, all assignments in Phase 2 will be graded on a credit/no credit basis. Below is more specific information and expectations for all students:

OMS Student Learning Expectations

  • Students will use their school assigned email for all school activity and work.

  • Students are expected to check their school email daily. 

  • Students should check their Google Classroom accounts daily.

  • Students should complete work/assignments as assigned by their teachers.

  • Students should expect that all identified assignments during Phase 2 will be graded   with credit/no credit.

  • Parents and Students should realize that they can reach out to their teacher for assistance on work.  Teachers will be setting aside an additional 20 mins of non-instruction time daily to assist students and answer questions.   (Please allow staff 24-48 hours to reply to any email or question requests outside of their daily office our times)

OMS Instructional Requirements

  • Student assignments will be provided using Google Classroom, Zoom Conferences, or Google Meet, Pearson Online, and various websites and apps as directed by the classroom teacher.

  • Three hours of daily teacher instruction could include and is not limited to any of the following: Zoom/Google Meetings teaching and/or check ins, worksheets, academic games, feedback on student work, video tutorials, online support and virtual help with assignments and activities.

  • Teachers should engage students in activities, assignments, and tasks that are more than completing a worksheet or lengthy reading assignment.

  • Teachers should keep virtual attendance and evaluate student participation, work completion and progress (credit/no credit).

  • Teachers who plan to use video conferencing (zoom, Google Hangouts) must notify students with times/dates.

OMS Student Behavior Expectations

Please note, that in regard to all academic work being completed via google classroom, and any correspondence between students utilizing OXPS devices, all dialogue on the district server is monitored for safety and compliance with our Electronic Users Policy. Meaning, the topics that are monitored are, but not limited to: inappropriate/explicit language, profanity, threats, bullying, harassment, drugs, and weapons.  Students should conduct themselves virtually, as they would in a real-world OMS classroom, and should be following our Big 3: respect of yourself and others, follow the school and classroom rules daily, and effort is a requirement- we expect you to try each and every day. Privileges can be revoked for participation in google meets, chats and zoom platforms and parents will be contacted if students cannot conduct themselves appropriately. 

  We are here to support whatever you need. You can reach myself via email at, Mr. Lavelle at, and the guidance counselors at (Ms.Boss) and (Mrs. Karsok).  Our school nurse, Mrs. Grniet, can be reached at