Healthy Choices
Although the Healthy Choices program does not exist formally anymore, we are trying to keep the message alive. The program is designed to encourage the children of Oxford to adopt better choices in their diet while promoting daily exercise as a means to establish long-term healthy lifestyles. The program was developed in response to growing nationwide awareness of the negative impact childhood obesity has on the quality of life. Childhood obesity has been linked to many health complications later in life including heart disease and diabetes. 

The Planet Health message is based on three major points. These include eating 5 or more servings a day of fruits and vegetables, being physically active at least 1 hour a day, and limiting “screen time” in front of computer or TV screens to 2 hours or less each day.

Since research shows that children who are overweight are more prone to developing health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, etc., the goal of the Planet Health portion of the grant is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to make healthier decisions. The Planet Health curriculum was developed around the Massachusetts Department of Education curriculum frameworks and provides lessons appropriate for each of the core subjects of mathematics, English language arts, social studies, and science. The curriculum also has an extensive physical education component that complements the classroom lessons. 

Providing and promoting non-competitive physical activities for all students comprises the Healthy Choices message. Mrs. Goulas, a fifth grade teacher, has been advisor to the Walking and Hiking Club since its inception. Miss Pariseau will also serve as an advisor to the club this year. Get involved and just have fun! (Picture above shows our fall 2012 members.)