Voices of Light Show

Voices of Light Show
The show is called "Voices of Light."  The Audio Journal of Worcester, MA broadcasts it and chose the name because youthful voices are an exciting addition to their broadcast, which is usually read by adults.  The Audio Journal is an important resource for the blind and print-impaired.  At Oxford Middle School, we usually read short plays together.  We are open to new materials and suggestions and of course new members.  We have a large group of students involved and students sign up for the plays they wish to be involved with.  Then we meet for a practice and meet again when Mr. Lombardi from the radio station visits us and records our play with digital equipment.  They edit and broadcast our plays.  Eventually, I get copies of the recordings on a CD.  We have a large group of students, which means that not every student is required to stay every week.  We rotate the readers and students can choose the plays they work on.  Also, because we schedule our recordings with Mr. Lombardi, our meeting times may change throughout the month.  I'll post the dates here and in the hallway near room 260.  If you have confusion about a meeting date or time, please email Mrs. Ruiz.  Two other schools joined us in this production: Auburn and Leicester middle schools.  Our readers have done an excellent job!  We have also been fortunate to have a lot of help from Mrs. Masley on recording days because she helps the kids waiting to perform get ready to face the microphones!   

Our next idea is a possible field trip to the Audio Journal radio station in Worcester.  When I have more information about this, I will let you know!   - Mrs. Ruiz
Group Announcements
Welcome back to OMS - school year 2011
The "Voices of Light" program is run as a curriculum based project not a club.  We still have our connection to the radio station, The Audio Journal of Worcester.  The radio station invited our students to visit the studio last spring but a field trip was not feasible.  Students do not meet every week as a club.  They meet only on the projects they sign up to record.  Last year, we had some wonderful readers working on a Langston Hughes short story.  We will likely record a story after the MCAS testing to be sure we do not interfere with scholastic achievement.  

If you are a teacher or student interested in this project, please feel free to email me at
kruiz@oxps.org and I will provide you more information.  I am very impressed with the OMS students.  They care about the community, showing sincere interest in helping the blind and they work hard to read perfectly for the radio.
Future Recording Projects
Please email me or stop by my classroom (room 260) if you are interested in future work with "Voices of Light."   Our last group impressed the Audio Journal so much we were invited to visit the radio station studio.  Unfortunately, we completed our projects for the year.  But if this is something you are interested in doing, please let me know so I can plan for the future.  If we qualify for a field trip to the Audio Journal radio station, I will let you know.  --- Thanks!  - Mrs. Ruiz
Thank You Ma'am!
Thank you very much Kylie Brenneman, Olivia Spring, Nick Mandella, Matt Mulcahy, Jenna Santos and Taylor Coonan!  You did an impressive job with the recording of the Langston Hughes story "Thank You Ma'am".  The recording sounded awesome!  I will let you know when I get it on CD format from Mr. Lombardi, director of the Audio Journal radio station.  I hope we can do more work on this next year!  

Also, Thank you very much Mrs. Masley!  Your work with the project helped make it possible.  The time and effort you gave to us is very  much appreciated, especially your positive energy!   (The recording aspect of the project requires two teachers to be present.  If any other teachers are interested in becoming involved in a future show - or one or two sessions next year, please let me know.)  
Article about the Field Trip
An article about our field trip was in the Webster Times.  When the programs we created are aired or completed edited, I will leave an announcement here.

Thank you for all of the work you have done!  

Have a great summer!
Thank you!
I am very pleased with the work you have done!  Those of you who went on the field trip did a wonderful job with our time in the studio!  

Currently, your productions are being edited by the blind interns at the Audio Journal.  As soon as we have something completed on a CD, I will upload it onto this website or let you know!  Any information about how to listen to these on the Audio Journal website will be here as well.  

Thank you very much!  You did a terrific job! 

Webster Times article
The Webster Times called and was interested in the work our kids are doing with this program.  There will be a story in the Webster Times about our student volunteers and "The Voices of Light" show.  Although we have not met them yet, we are working on the show with the Leicester and Auburn middle schools. 

Thanks to all of our readers!  You are doing a wonderful job! - Mrs. Ruiz
January recording schedule
We met Wednesday 1/13/10 to assign parts for the next 2 plays.  We will rehearse on Wednesday 1/20/10 and record on 1/27/10 with the radio station.

If you are interested in reading plays with us, please email Mrs. Ruiz or stop by room 260!  We welcome new members and will be assigning new parts to plays soon! 
Brand new show starting up!
Last year Radio for the Blind group ended very suddenly because the director of the Metrowest program retired and nobody replaced him. State budget cuts may be part of the reason it shut down.  I (Mrs. Ruiz) took a copy of one of the group's tapes to a radio station in Worcester and they loved the way OMS kids sound! They decided to put together a weekly radio show using only kids as readers - calling the show "Voices of Light". They can't wait to meet you and they've invited Auburn and Leicester middle schools to join the show.   Remember - you don't have to memorize lines because this is radio. And you don't have to be the greatest reader in the world either because the radio station is planning to teach us how to sound awesome.  We will be using new equipment with a more professional sound.  We are also looking for new readers as well as students who read last year and want to try it again.  Right now, I (Mrs. Ruiz) just need to know who is interested and where your homeroom is. We'll set up an informational meeting soon with a recording schedule that works around many other after school activities such as the school musical. This program is open to any OMS student - grades 5-8. Please stop by room 260 on the way to your Various class to let Mrs. Ruiz know if you are interested.   If you cannot make it to room 260, information about this program is available at the front office too.
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Reading material
 Everybody Counts - audition piece.doc
Read this poem on your audition. I'll assign part for our first show based on how you sound.
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Reader's Theatre Page
Did you lose the copy you were given at the meeting? Type the name of the play to find a copy of the readers theatre play we are working on.
November plays: The Christmas Truce, The Legend of Slappy Hooper, The Giant's Wife