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    Hybrid Model Clarification

    All students who are in the hybrid model should have attended orientation on September 16th (Cohort A) or September 17th (Cohort B).  There is no school for all students (Remote or Hybrid) on September 18th.  If you did not attend orientation please contact your child’s teachers directly or the main office.

    Starting Monday, September 21st, ALL HYBRID STUDENTS are remote for two weeks. They should follow the schedule given to them in orientation and sent to them by their teachers.  They need to log onto school virtually with their teachers every day from Monday the 21st through Friday, October 2nd.  It is a regular school day.

    On October 5th, we will start with the in person Hybrid Model starting with Cohort A.  Cohort A will be in Person the week of October 5th, and Cohort B will be Remote.  All students in Cohort B remote will be asked to log into their classes every period at the beginning and the end.  Some teachers may have them stay for the full class, that is at the discretion of the individual teacher.  Students need to log into their classes no later than 7:55 to be counted present in the morning. It is possible they may have to wait a few minutes for the teacher to get on in the morning, as they are busy as the students come in, so I encourage you and your student to please be patient with them. Teachers will be keeping track of attendance and attendance WILL COUNT even if students are at home.  It is a regular school day.

    I have attached two calendars below that show exactly who is in school when.  Any questions please contact the main office.  Thank you.

    If your students are in the FULL REMOTE MODEL you continue to attend school daily as normal.

    Posted Sep 18, 2020, 5:24 AM by Amy Belhumeur
  • Last Minute Details for the start of school...


    • Students will be getting technology during orientation if it was requested through the technology department.  Because not all students will have access right away we will NOT be doing remote check ins the first two days of orientation. We also will not be penalizing students for attendance those two days.  I have asked the teachers to send out info on assignments for students to work on if they are remote those days and also to send out a copy of the schedule so students know what to expect.  Please reach out to your child's individual teacher(s) with any questions (some teacher assignments, especially in grade 6, changed this week.  This should be updated in powerschool now).  
    • When students arrive tomorrow and Thursday, they will be directed to where they need to go to meet their teachers.  Grade 5 will be going to the Cafeteria and grades 6 and 7 to the auditorium.  We have staged both areas to be socially distant and safe for them in the morning. 
    • Parent drop off starts at 7:20am this year.  This is to stagger students entering the building.  Please adhere to this to help us keep students safe.  Please see the parent drop off and pick up information in my last email or in the electronic backpack.  Dismissal is at 2:12pm. 
    • Students only need their own device (if they have it), lunch, and maybe a notebook and and writing materials for the first two days of school.  No need to bring everything in for orientation.  All students will be getting a planner.
    • Students will come home from orientation with the tools they need to do remote learning the next few weeks.  Teachers will be showing them how to log in, how to navigate google classroom, and also giving them any hard copy materials they may need. 



    • Teachers:
    • Grade 5: Mrs. Doray and Mrs. Hornbaker
    • Grade 6: Mr. Moriarty and Mrs. Racicot
    •   Grade 7:  Mrs. Blood (ELA), Mrs. Kniskern (Science), Mrs. Grzembski (Math), Mrs. Curtis (History)


    • They should be sending you all the information and schedules and how to log in.  If you did not get information please reach out to them directly.  
    • If you were not able to pick up materials today for your remote learning, please contact Miss Belhumeur.


    We are so excited to see your students tomorrow and Thursday!!  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out!!

    Posted Sep 15, 2020, 7:23 AM by Amy Belhumeur

    Full Remote Learning Academy students will begin their year on September 16th. They will NOT attend in person Orientation, and their individual teachers will contact them prior to the start of school with information on google classroom, curriculum, and class times.   

    Attendance does count and all students are expected to be on and logged in virtually with their teachers for the scheduled school day (7:45am-2:12pm).   

    All classes will be instructed by a teacher except for their special, which will be done via enginuity.  They will start on September 16th with their 4 core courses, and their special will begin at a later date as we are still working on setting up enginuity.  Once that is set up, the teachers will instruct students on how to access their special class.

    On days their teacher happens to be absent, they will have class assignments through enginuity.  

    We will have a pick up day for materials and chromebooks for REMOTE students on September 15th.   At this time students can pick up materials and if requested through the technology dept, a chromebook. Please wear a mask and social distance. 

    • Grade 5- 8:30am-11:00am (please pick up at the door next to Project Coffee along Carbuncle Rd. at the back left side of OMS)

    • Grade 6/7: 8:30-11:00am- Main Door of OMS 

    Posted Sep 10, 2020, 10:38 AM by Amy Belhumeur

    OMS Information and Protocols for HYBRID STUDENTS

    September 10, 2020

    Phased in start:  Students who have opted into the Hybrid Model will begin school next week.  Cohort A students will report for a regular school day on Wednesday, September 16th and Cohort B students will report for a regular school day on Thursday, September 17th.  

    September 18th is a non school day for all OXPS students (remote or hybrid).  On Monday, September 21st, all HYBRID students will go full remote following their schedule provided during orientation for two weeks.  On October 5th, assuming safety data stays the same, we will enter a hybrid in person model starting with cohort A.  The Hybrid Model is as follows:  Cohort A attends in person Monday-Thursday, Cohort B attends remotely, everyone is remote on Fridays.  The following week they switch.  Students who are in their remote week are expected to log into their classes every period like they were in school and attendance will be taken.

    OMS School Hours:  OMS day runs from 7:45-2:12pm.  First period will begin this year at 7:50.  Dismissal begins at 2:12pm.  Students will not have a homeroom during the hybrid model, they will report directly to period 1 at 7:45 where attendance is taken and be dismissed from their last period class daily.

    Hybrid Student Orientation

    • Bus transportation will be provided on these days.  More information will come from Central Office on buses and bus routes.

      • Breakfast will not be provided on these two orientation days, but will begin on October 5th when we go full hybrid daily to students who participate in the breakfast program.

      • Drop Off and Pick up:  Information on parent drop off and pick up procedures is attached to this email and in the electronic backpack.  Please adhere to the procedure to make dismissal safe and efficient on days school is in session 

      • Students taking the bus should enter school through the FRONT doors in the morning.  Students who are Parent drop off/walkers should enter via the grade 6 hallway door (under the Oxford Middle School sign).  

      • Staff will facilitate students sanitizing hands, social distancing, mask wearing and getting them to the appropriate staging areas as they enter the building. 

      • Grade 5 teachers will give students a tour as part of their orientation. 

      • A suggested supply list is posted on our website, however, students will not be using lockers, so having a sturdy backpack to carry their materials is required.   We also suggest students bring a refillable water bottle with them to school.

    • Chromebooks

      • All students who do not have a chromebook will be assigned one during their orientation day by their teacher(s).  Students who already have a chromebook should bring them to school with them on orientation day (fully charged).   

    • What will go on during Orientation?

      • Students will meet their teachers.

      • Staff will go over protocols and procedures with students. 

      • Staff will assign materials/chromebooks to students. 

      • Students will go over and get acclimated to their hybrid schedule (which is slightly different than what is in Powerschool).

      • Staff will set students up with google classroom, online texts and go over how remote learning will look with students for the next two weeks.  

    • Safety Protocols

      • We have arranged the schedule so that there are limited transitions during the day.  

      • Students will have lunch in their classrooms.

      • Students are spaced 6ft apart in their classrooms.

      • Students will stay in their classrooms for specials, with the exception of gym, and the teachers will come to them to help limit transitions in the building.

      • Sitting and staging areas are clearly marked, 6 ft apart, in hallways and stairwells to help promote social distancing. 

      • We have health and safety monitors to help with transitions, lunch, and using the bathrooms safely.  

      • Each classroom has a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser.

    • Classroom Expectations to discuss with your child ahead of time:

      • Class will look very different than it has in the past.  

      • Class sizes will be between 7-11 students. 

      • When Remote, they will be expected to attend school online following their schedule.  Attendance counts and they will be graded normally.

      • They will be assigned an area with their cohort in the morning to sit when arriving to school. 

      • They must wear their masks at all times except for scheduled mask breaks and lunch.  See the Superintendent's letter on face coverings attached.

      • They must remain in their seats and 6 feet away from their peers at all times. 

      • They must maintain their distance from their peers walking in the halls.  

      • They cannot share materials or belongings with other students. 

      • They will not be having lockers. 

      • If they have gym in the first rotation, they should come dressed for gym daily, as they will not be using the locker rooms.

      • They will be expected to sanitize/wash their hands multiple times throughout the day as directed by their teachers.

      • They are responsible for bringing their chromebook and materials to and from school daily. 

    • Building Access

      • No one other than staff and students will be allowed in the building without an appointment.

      • If you need to pick up your child please ring our doorbell, and the secretary will assist you and send your child out to you. 

      • Tardy students should ring the bell and they will be let in and they should report to the main office.  We are temporarily suspending our tardy policy of parents signing their students in.  

      • If you need to drop off materials, lunch, etc. to your child, you will be asked to leave it in the drop off bin provided after telling us who it is for.  

      • This is all for the safety and security of our building, staff and students at this time. 

    Posted Sep 10, 2020, 10:37 AM by Amy Belhumeur
  • Locker "Curbside" Pick Up
    Thursday, July 16th from 9am-2pm will will have a pick up for any student who did not come and clean out their lockers during locker clean out week in June. 

    All lockers have been emptied and contents are in bags labeled in the cafeteria by locker number.  Gym bags are separated by boys/girls, but are not labeled with names.  Students who have not cleaned out their lockers can come in, WITH A MASK and practicing SOCIAL DISTANCING, and pick up their things during that time frame.  

    This will be the last opportunity for student belongings to be picked up. 

    Posted Jul 13, 2020, 6:37 AM by Amy Belhumeur
  • Yearbook Distribution



    Yearbook orders will be available for pick-up on Monday June 8th, 2020 ONLY from 10-2pm at the Oxford middle school.

    If you did not purchase a yearbook, but would like to, we will also have some on hand for purchase on MONDAY ONLY.  The cost is $22.00, and is cash EXACT change only.  

    Please email Mrs. Hornbaker with any questions or if you cannot make the pick up window if you preordered a yearbook at: rhornbaker@oxps.org

    Thank you!

    Posted Jun 5, 2020, 11:06 AM by Amy Belhumeur
  • OMS Locker Clean Out/Textbook Return

    Next week we will begin allowing students in to get personal belongings and return textbooks, instruments, locks, etc.  

    Students will be able to sign up in 20 min increments from Monday-Thursday next week.  

    Here is the link for sign up genius:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040A4AADA728A3F58-omslocker


    Please review the available slots and information and click on the button to sign up.   Students will be allowed in for no more than 20 mins in their allowed time slot to clean out their gym locker, student locker, and to turn in any textbooks, library books, instruments, and return their locks.  Only the student and/or ONE parent/guardian will be allowed in and all MUST wear a mask and practice social distancing.  This will take place over 4 days June 1-4th only.

    • Please check in and grab a bag on your way in and enter and exit through front door.

    • Students are allowed to clean out their locker(s) only in their hall and gym locker room.  Students are not allowed in classrooms or any other part of the building. If you student needs to enter a classroom, one of the school personnel will facilitate that.

    • There will be a table in each hallway for collection of student textbooks and library books.  Any school textbooks should be left on this table. 

    • There will be a table outside the office for collection of instruments. 

    • On the way out, please check out, turn in your locks, and recieve your lock deposit if applicable.   End of the year gifts will also be given to students at check out. 

    • Please adhere closely to the time you are assigned and be as quick and efficient as possible. 

    Posted May 26, 2020, 7:44 AM by Amy Belhumeur
  • Q3 Grading Plan
    Attached please find the Q3 grading plan that was approved by the school committee last night.  Important to note for the Middle School:
    • All students have an opportunity to make up missing Q3 work (anything missing prior to school closure on March 13th).  Teachers have been reaching out to students directly if they are missing work as Powerschool is currently unavailable.  Please touch base with your child's teacher if you have questions about any work in Quarter 3.  
    • All students will be able to submit up to 3 assignments done during Phase 1 remote learning for extra credit in Quarter 3.  Teachers will be communicating exactly what assignments and the due dates in Google Classroom for all students later today. All assignments will count at a 100 classwork grade in accordance to the grading policy in their class/subject.
    • Quarter 3 will not have citizenship grades or comments from teachers.
    • As this is an unusual grading period, there will not be a Q3 or Q4 honor roll published. 
    • Quarter 3 and 4 will have no effect on those students already in NJHS or those newly inducted to NJHS this year.  Mrs. Grzembski and Miss Belhumeur are currently looking at how to adjust the determination criteria for next school year in relation to the Q3 and Q4 this year. 

    Other notes:

    -  We are currently looking at how to best get students personal belongings as the school is currently not accessible.  As soon as we have a plan we will reach out to parents and students on how that will work.

    -  Student Council is putting together fun spirit activities for all students to participate in virtually, so be on the look out for that!

    In closing, there are a lot of unanswered questions or issues that school being closed for the remainder of the year has posed for administration and staff.  Please be patient as we work through many of these and as we have more information it will be communicated out.  

    Posted Apr 22, 2020, 10:20 AM by Amy Belhumeur
  • Phase 2 Remote Learning April 8th-May 4th

    In Phase 2 we are moving towards a learning model that incorporates and utilizes a variety of online platforms as well as more traditional approaches.  At OMS, all academic classes will be held in the morning (between 8am-12pm) and all Specials and extracurriculars in the afternoon (between 12pm and 3pm).   Academics will be split up during the week as to not overwhelm students (Math/Science on Monday and Wednesday, ELA/Social Studies on Tuesday and Thursday, etc).   All students will be getting a more specific schedule from their grade level teachers sometime Tuesday afternoon/evening with links, times, and information/expectations for their classes, which are all taking place in Google Classroom.  Furthermore, all assignments in Phase 2 will be graded on a credit/no credit basis. Below is more specific information and expectations for all students:

    OMS Student Learning Expectations

    • Students will use their school assigned email for all school activity and work.

    • Students are expected to check their school email daily. 

    • Students should check their Google Classroom accounts daily.

    • Students should complete work/assignments as assigned by their teachers.

    • Students should expect that all identified assignments during Phase 2 will be graded   with credit/no credit.

    • Parents and Students should realize that they can reach out to their teacher for assistance on work.  Teachers will be setting aside an additional 20 mins of non-instruction time daily to assist students and answer questions.   (Please allow staff 24-48 hours to reply to any email or question requests outside of their daily office our times)

    OMS Instructional Requirements

    • Student assignments will be provided using Google Classroom, Zoom Conferences, or Google Meet, Pearson Online, and various websites and apps as directed by the classroom teacher.

    • Three hours of daily teacher instruction could include and is not limited to any of the following: Zoom/Google Meetings teaching and/or check ins, worksheets, academic games, feedback on student work, video tutorials, online support and virtual help with assignments and activities.

    • Teachers should engage students in activities, assignments, and tasks that are more than completing a worksheet or lengthy reading assignment.

    • Teachers should keep virtual attendance and evaluate student participation, work completion and progress (credit/no credit).

    • Teachers who plan to use video conferencing (zoom, Google Hangouts) must notify students with times/dates.

    OMS Student Behavior Expectations

    Please note, that in regard to all academic work being completed via google classroom, and any correspondence between students utilizing OXPS devices, all dialogue on the district server is monitored for safety and compliance with our Electronic Users Policy. Meaning, the topics that are monitored are, but not limited to: inappropriate/explicit language, profanity, threats, bullying, harassment, drugs, and weapons.  Students should conduct themselves virtually, as they would in a real-world OMS classroom, and should be following our Big 3: respect of yourself and others, follow the school and classroom rules daily, and effort is a requirement- we expect you to try each and every day. Privileges can be revoked for participation in google meets, chats and zoom platforms and parents will be contacted if students cannot conduct themselves appropriately. 

      We are here to support whatever you need. You can reach myself via email at abelhumeur@oxps.org, Mr. Lavelle at mlavelle@oxps.org, and the guidance counselors at kboss@oxps.org (Ms.Boss) and mkarsok@oxps.org (Mrs. Karsok).  Our school nurse, Mrs. Grniet, can be reached at agrniet@oxps.org

    Posted Apr 7, 2020, 12:20 PM by Amy Belhumeur
  • Enrichment Learning Packets and Information
    All teachers have uploaded packets to the main site, and many will also be using google classroom to connect with your students over the coming days and weeks.  These learning packets are not meant to replace the educational experience in the classroom, but rather supplement and support the work these students have already done, keep them connected to their peers and their teachers, and help keep part of the focus of the next few weeks on learning.  

    All learning packets can be found here under the link for Oxford Middle School:  E Learning Packets  (or in the link at the bottom left hand column entitled "Enrichment Lesson Packets").   There are also music, art, PE, and STEM activities that are available to all, even if your child is not in the classes this quarter.  There will also be links from the counselors on SEL or social emotional learning. 

    We, the staff at OMS, recognize that any e-learning and distance learning will not be easy and is a new experience for us all.   The teachers and staff of OMS will be there for any questions, help, concerns you have.  The best way to contact us is via email.  Teachers, counselors and staff have virtual office hours Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm.  They also will be touching base with their students several times a week.  Of course you can contact them at any time, but please allow them up to 24 hours to return your message if it is outside of that time frame. 

    Administration will also be checking email and phone messages here at OMS while we are not allowed in the building and will get back to you within 24 hours.  

    The Food Service Department has implemented a 
    “Grab and Go” meal arrangement, whereby families with students who attend Oxford Public Schools who are eighteen years old and younger may arrive at Oxford High School between 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., Monday-Friday through April 7th, to pick up FREE boxed meals, by driving up to the main entrance and having meals brought out to you as you reach the overhang when walking towards the front doors.

    Posted Mar 23, 2020, 5:32 AM by Amy Belhumeur
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